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History of St. Augustine Church

From the Pastor

February 1, 2015


Dear Parishioners:

Even though we still see some poinsettias around, Lent is just around the corner. Ash Wednesday, February 18th, is only two weeks from this Wednesday.

In this weekend's Gospel, Jesus gets the attention of the people because "He speaks with authority." Lent is a time for us to let Jesus get our attention. How can this be best done? There are certainly various ways. For example, we will have available two pamphlets for your daily private reflection and prayer. We also hope to have the opportunity for parishioners to come together once a week for five weeks to share their thoughts, insights and prayer. But, I need your help to plan this.

One thought I had is this. Since Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia next September and since he is coming to help us celebrate the World Meeting of Families, maybe we could combine these two ideas during Lent. We could reflect, discuss and pray about five different short quotes from Pope Francis which pertain to five different aspects of family life.

Here is where your help comes in. Would you respond to the following questions to let me know the amount of interest there is for parishioners to participate in such a program, and the details that would help flesh it out? You can just cut (or tear) this out and return it to me by hand, by mail, or by placing it in the collection basket next weekend.

1) ___ I would be interested in gathering five times during Lent for about 90 minutes each week to discuss five quotes of Pope Francis concerning family life.

2) Topics concerning family life about which I would be interested in discussing are:

3) Nights which are most convenient for me to meet are: (circle as many as you like)

            Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday     Friday

4) Nights which are impossible for me to meet are:

           Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday     Friday


5)____ I will invite a friend(s).




Email Address:_____________________________________  


Phone Number:____________________________________


Thanks for considering to participate in such a Lenten program.

Have a great week,


Father Bill