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History of St. Augustine Church

From the Pastor

November 23, 2014


Dear Parishioners:

As we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King this weekend, we come to the end of this liturgical year. Next weekend we celebrate the First Sunday of Advent and begin a new liturgical year.

Reflecting on Christ Our King, we are reminded that we are to build the Kingdom of God here on earth as well as prepare ourselves for the Kingdom in the next world.

I think both of these go hand in hand. We can't prepare for the Kingdom to come without building the Kingdom here and now. Conversely, as we build the Kingdom here and now we are preparing for the Kingdom to come.

How do we do this?  We come back to that word "evangelize" again. We share our joy in the Gospel with others. In the first reading this weekend from Ezekiel we hear God saying he will seek out the strayed. God does that by using us and our talents which we talked about last weekend. How do we do it? We share our faith with others. We invite others to join our faith community. We serve other members of the human race reflecting Jesus' mercy, concern, care, forgiveness and acceptance, all which are mentioned in the Gospel for this feast. Hopefully, our parish community reflects the Kingdom to some degree.

A very real aspect to be able to do all of this is the financial dimension of the parish. That is why this weekend members of our Parish Finance Commission will be making a short presentation at each of the Masses. You will find enclosed within this bulletin as well as in the pews a concise and informative financial report for the parish's 2013-14 fiscal year. Good Stewardship calls on us to inform you of the source of our income and how it is used. We hope you find this informative. We are appreciative for your financial help or we would not be able to survive. Because of your sacrifices we are able to pay our bills. Not all parishes can say that. We are extremely grateful.

At the same time we need to improve. We have to increase the wages of our employees so that they are just wages, extend our outreach to others in our evangelization and in building the kingdom here on earth and continue to do capital improvements. With increased expenses, it is necessary for our income to grow. For this reason we are asking each person who comes to church to increase your offerings as you are able. If each person increased his or her weekly contribution by $2 each week, that would increase our yearly income by about $25,000 which would enable us to accomplish some of what I mentioned above.

Please know that as I celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday, I will be giving thanks to God that I am here among you at St Augustine's and I will be thanking God for your gifts to the parish. We have Mass at 10:00 AM Thanksgiving morning. Hopefully, we can thank God together. Elsewhere within this bulletin, you will find a prayer for families to use at your Thanksgiving dinner. Please bring it with you to dinner on Thursday.

Have a good week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.


 Fr. Bill