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History of St. Augustine Church

From the Pastor


Dear Parishioners, 

It is with great joy that I come among you as pastor in this very distinct faith community. We are all on a journey to the kingdom. St. Augustine says we are all wounded and are in "The Inn" waiting for Jesus to return and bring us to the kingdom. In the meantime, I look forward that we share our time, talents and treasures on this pilgrimage. I need you on my journey and hopefully I will be of help to you on yours.

 St. Augustine parish is distinct for many reasons:
- We are 218 years old as a parish and the first "foundation" of the Augustinian Friars in the United States. Consequently, we benefit from all that has gone on before us and we are empowered to build on it.
- We are located in a very unique neighborhood with many young people, many new residents and many visitors. As the hymn says may they experience that "All Are Welcome". At the same time, many come to this faith community from other neighborhoods, and indeed from other states. That is truly exciting.

There will be four Augustinian friars living in our friary. Hopefully we will be a good model of Augustine's concept of community and that this will have an impact on our parish community. You know Fr. Paul who has lived at St. Augustine's for ten years. Fr. Tom Pohto and Fr. Tony Burrascano are joining us. We will be working out their involvement in the parish as time evolves, but Fr. Tony may be able to be a little more present at various things.

In my very short association with the parish, I am extremely impressed with the dedication of the staff (April, Kim, Tim, Joe and Jean). They could not be more welcoming or helpful. I look forward to serving you with them.

Many wonderful things have been said about our Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Committee. I look forward to sharing in their energy, expertise, interest and enthusiasm as we all share the ministry of evangelization together.

In the Gospel this weekend Jesus asks his disciples who others say He is and then He asks them who they say He is. May we all help one another know who Jesus is as we share our worship, insights, knowledge and experiences of Him with each other. It gives me confidence that Jesus says He builds the Church on rock. It gives me confidence that I can experience that Church with you.

 I truly believe God's hand is involved in this new chapter of my religious life and priesthood. Please join me in thanking God for this and asking Jesus for His blessings, direction and guidance as we continue our journey together.

Fr. Bill